We like to experiment, learn, and create.

Device Factory is founded by a team of people that relate to each other through technology. We are enthusiastic about the generation of new ideas while exploring problems, and the conversion of these ideas into physical solutions.

Our experience is in software and hardware development, product design, quantitative analysis, and problem solving. Our abilities allow us to create dynamic systems that go beyond what a software only solution can provide.

Execution matters. Dedication and perseverance are required to work though all the stages of design and development in making a finished product. Our goal is to deliver adaptable platforms to those with a desire to learn, as well as foster a community capable of deploying devices as a solution to a challenge.

We work at our headquarters in the historic Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, and other locations in the New York area. We make use of local manufacturing and resources whenever possible.

We hope you will join us on our GitHub and on the Forums!


To foster the convergence of diversified technologies into devices that can be adapted and shared.



Research and Engineering.


All the other stuff.



Who is behind Device Factory
Just read the about to find out about us.

How big is your company
We are small and the right size for where we are… but with big ideas.

What stage is your company
We self funded and turning out fully functioning devices, so there is no stage with respect to IPO… our path is about devices, not finance.

Are you hiring
Yes! But only if your are looking for an interesting challenge in technology, or just some people to hang out with and make devices.

What is your favourite colour
Blue. No, yellooowww…


    Office address:
    275 Conover Street
    Suite 5P
    Brooklyn, NY 11231